The Raid (4K)

The movie is a gory free-for-all, a horror film dressed up as an action film, and it's as pure a shot of adrenaline as any Tarantino fan could wish for. ” The New Yorker

Showcasing some of the best Asian martial-arts choreography of recent years, THE RAID (now remastered in 4K) follows a special forces team as they launch a daring raid on a rundown Jakarta apartment complex controlled by a ruthless crime lord named Tama Riyadi. The team’s mission to apprehend Tama and dismantle his criminal empire quickly goes awry when they are discovered by Tama’s henchmen, who seal off the building and trap the officers inside.

Amid the chaos, rookie officer Rama emerges as the protagonist. Showcasing remarkable combat skills, he forms uneasy alliances with tenants and confronts Tama’s enforcers, including the fearsome Mad Dog, as the body count rises.

Praised for its innovative approach to martial arts cinema, with its breathtaking choreography and gritty realism, the film has earned acclaim from audiences and critics alike.’

100 MINS

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