FFFA: Metal Skin — 2K Restoration

30th Anniversary screening presented as part of FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA 2024

Revheads, hot roads and satanic mysticism coarse through the mean streets of the Melbourne suburb of Altona in this singularly dark Australian thriller.

Joe, a timid teenager grappling with the challenges of caring for his ailing father, finds solace in his obsession with petrol-guzzling muscle cars. Joe worships his best mate and fellow gearhead Dazey (a young Ben Mendelsohn), whose womanising ways have strained his romance with Roslyn. Joe’s bleak worldview begins to expand when he falls for the devil-worshipping mystic Savina. But it is Dazey that Savina truly desires, entwining the fates of all four on a journey destined for tragedy.

This breathtaking new 2K restoration awakens the complex depths of director Geoffrey Wright’s follow-up to the classic Romper Stomper, breathing new life into its gritty aesthetic and revolutionary editing techniques, and making it ripe for rediscovery and a cult classic of cinematic grime.”

115 MINS

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