FFFA: Cannibal Mukbang

Presented as a part of FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA 2024.

Shy and looking for love, Mark becomes smitten with the outgoing and mysterious Ash, who, much to his surprise, reciprocates the attraction. As his feelings for her intensify, so does his unexpected submersion into Ash’s biggest fixation: the wild world of mukbanging. And with it, lots of bloodshed.

A dash of Jennifer’s Body, a twist of Scott Pilgrim, and a pinch of Pearl are the tasting notes for this knockout indie rom-com turned gonzo exploitation horror by first-timer Aimee Kuge. Carried by a razor-sharp script, palpable chemistry between its lead performers, and enough blood and bone to make a butcher blush, Cannibal Mukbang is a deviant delight and certainly one of the most unhinged love stories ever set to celluloid.

101 MINS

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