Nick Ostrovskis Flashback + Q&A

Nick Ostrovskis is a gifted filmmaker, with a style straddling small-scale domesticity and Koyannisquatsi-type mainstream experimentalism ” Adrian Martin, Signs of Independence book, 1988

Unknown Pleasures presents: Nick Ostrovskis Flashback, 1982-2001, 93 mins.
Q&A with filmmaker Nick Ostrovskis, moderated by Dirk de Bruyn (programmer).

We present newly Restored versions of Super 8 and 16mm shorts by legendary Melbourne animator/experimentalist Nick Ostrovskis, who made many short films in the ’80s and ’90s in particular. He animated single image rushes and timelapse, documenting family life and the western suburbs landscape in a unique style. He produced a series of visually stunning kaleidoscopes of rushing images, colours, photographs and gestural movements, all with great technical virtuosity.

CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: This program includes single frame animation that can induce a strobe-like effect.

Presented by Unknown Pleasures, a series of screenings curated by Chris Luscri & Bill Mousoulis, featuring the best of Australian indie cinema, both new and old, with discussions with the filmmakers.


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