May December

Todd Haynes’s latest is a brilliant ode to female toxicity that begins at a place of camp and ends at one that’s closer to horror. ” Alison Willmore New York Magazine/Vulture

Director Todd Hayne’s (‘Carol’, ‘Safe’) critically-acclaimed and twisted Odyssey drama MAY DECEMBER, delves into the perversion of tabloid gossip and crafts it into a future camp classic.

Gracie (Julianne Moore) has been the focus of fascination ever since she initiated a notorious tabloid romance that resulted in her imprisonment. Twenty years on, popular television actress Elizabeth (Natalie Portman) is cast as Gracie in the film of her life and, seeking to do the role justice, visits Gracie and her family to research. Elizabeth’s presence inevitably exposes the cracks in the couple’s seemingly happy life.

117 MINS

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