Climate Changers +Q&A

I hope Climate Changers offers inspiration and impetus to a greener tomorrow. ” Johan Gabrielsson, Director Climate Changers

CLIMATE CHANGERS is Tim Flannery’s search for leadership on climate change. Where are the leaders who will drive change? Are they strong enough to triumph where others have failed? Tim poses these questions as he meets leaders past and present in the hope of finding answers.

Climate change is humanity’s greatest challenge as we delve into what frustrates Tim, what motivates him, and where he believes the solutions lie.

This immersive journey takes Tim from his early days as a palaeontologist when he first encountered climate change, to his tireless efforts at the Copenhagen COP in 2009 which failed to deliver, to fending off deeply personal attacks from deniers and right-wing media, to the COP26 in Glasgow 2021, and onto today’s ever pressing challenges of geopolitical troubles, and the fossil fuel industry’s obstruction to change.

Yet there are green shoots of hope.
The screening will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with Professor Tim Flannery, Dr Saul Griffith and Kavita Naidu.


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