It Follows

A friend confessed to me recently that this was the only film to have given him, in adult life, a proper wake-up-sweating nightmare ” Peter Bradshaw The Guardian

Lurking Horror – Halloween at TPH

It Follows morphs the old slasher trope of “the perils of teenage sex” into something more sinister and immediate for this contemporary horror classic.

Fresh out of high school, Jay sleeps with her new boyfriend for the first time, only to discover he’s purposefully passed a fatal curse to her in order to get it away from himself. The real terror of this curse, besides the implicit betrayal by someone they’ve been intimate with, is that Death comes for its victim in the shape of stranger…or a friend. David Robert Mitchell’s sophomore feature explores the danger of being an adolescent in the world, with external threats and internal pressures, as the spectre of adulthood lures its carefree victims. With the increasing, ever-present threat teenagers experience at the hands of those they know best, or not at all, the horror of growing up in the United States is on full display.

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