Pub: The Movie

A raucous, energetic, hilarious, heart-breaking delight..beautifully bittersweet. ” Film Ink

PUB: THE MOVIE explores the life and work of Australian artist and singer Fred Negro. From his upbringing in working-class, inner-city Melbourne to his current status as the unofficial “Mayor of St Kilda.”
When the punk scene came to Melbourne, and St Kilda in particular, Fred was right there, drumming in the early new-wave outfit, THE EDITIONS. Soon Fred was doing handbills for their shows, which caught the eye of other bands and venues alike. Within a few years, his work became legendary.

Featuring a line-up of Melbourne music legends including Tim Rogers (You Am I), Greg Macainsh (Skyhooks), Paulie Stewart (Painters and Dockers) and many more, Pub: The Movie is not to be missed by lovers of live music and those with an interest in the early Melbourne punk rock scene.


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