Warm Blood + Q&A

★★★★ 1/2 - Funny as hell, unflinchingly raw ” The Sun Break

Stunningly shot in 16mm and straight from MIFF and SIFF, Warm Blood is a distress flare of a film shot into the night sky, a kaleidoscopic hitchhiker’s guide to the underbelly of America. Red is a driven young runaway who returns to her hometown to track down her wayward father.

Inhabiting the fringes of Modesto, California in the toxic haze of the 1980’s, WARM BLOOD is a politically subversive, searing collage of sound, narrative, documentary and trash B movie meta narratives, hand stitched by filmmaker Rick
Charnoski in his debut feature.

Screening to be followed by a Q&A with producers Amiel Courtin-Wilson and James Hewison

Red wanders the streets selling stolen drugs to finance her next mission, she reflects on her early teen life through reading a journal that she finds in her old bedroom. Tom, a young drifter, possibly a figment of Red’s imagination, continues to
reappear in his ’73 Duster and scoop her up after she runs away over and over again. Is this a dream or is this just what a town full of corruption and
dishonesty looks like when you leave and come home two years later and two years older?


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