Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande

They will go down in the hip hop archives as one of the sacred crates. If it wasn’t for songs like these there would have been no hip hop ” Jazzy Jay

TPH Presents: BEATS WORKING, a festival of music films in November. Featuring a curated collection of current and classic films, these are movies that celebrate & elevate music on film. GETTING IT BACK: THE STORY OF CYMANDE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Presented by Groovescooter.
Formed in the early 70s, the group of Black Caribbean musicians who first came together in South London, shared a common love of rhythm and a message of peace. Cymande – with the dove as their symbol – combined jazz, funk, soul, Afro-tropical and calypso grooves to form a sound unlike any other; both meditative and danceable. Their fusion of inspirations quite literally changed lives and shaped the development of music worldwide for the next five decades.

Fresh from its World Premiere at SXSW and its British cinema debut, Groovescooter’s Australian Premiere screenings are the first and only opportunity for Australian fans and new converts to hear stories direct from the band’s original members, while also witnessing them in action both now, and via archival concert footage. Though packed with their infectious grooves, it’s more than a film about music. Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande is also a story of adaptation, racism, survival, ageing and revitalisation.


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