This Film Should Not Exist

A portrait of the legendary art-punk outfit from Edinburgh, Country Teasers, led by eccentric frontman and provocative satirical lyricist Ben Wallers – also known as ‘The Rebel’. A humorous look at 90s alternative music scene and a reflection on life choices, art and freedom.

In an attempt to pin down their chaotic energy, “This Film Should Not Exist” blends old and new unreleased live footage with interviews with Wallers and former bass player and successful playwright Simon Stephens, plus appearance from Eric Friedl, Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber from lo-fi garage trio the Oblivians, Tim Warren of garage-punk label Crypt Records, and Pat Morgan and David R. Edwards of Datblygu, one the most influential bands in modern Welsh-language music and Wallers’ artistic heroes.

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