Fire Front

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ ” The Guardian

Using rich archival footage Eddie Martin takes us directly into the fire front of the brutal summer of 2020 fires that changed us forever. The world’s eyes are fixed on the nation as it is ravaged by bushfires. When massive areas of the country are devastated by record-breaking heat, entire towns are engulfed in flames, and thousands are left homeless.

The toll on the landscape, including its human and animal populations, remains catastrophic to this day. Thirty-four people across Australia died, including several volunteer fire fighters who were on the frontline of this environmental disaster. Grossly underfunded and therefore ill-equipped, these brave underdogs were left with no choice but to fight. Many of the volunteer firefighters took time off their regular–paid–jobs, to battle the blazes. The firefighters’ deaths were met with an outpouring of grief across the country, when these everyday Australians (many with young families) paid with their lives. The bushfires further ignited the global debate on climate change, triggering fractured responses from across the world, and exposing how divisive this issue remains. The human toll and environmental devastation has been a wake-up call. A preview of what lies ahead for not just Australians, but everyone around the globe.


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