Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes

a fascinating insight into the life and works of a genius. ★★★★ ” Evening Standard

This special documentary screening & Melbourne exclusive features a live performance by Melbourne electronic outfit, THE SOUNDS OF TOMORROW in the bar before each show.

‘Radio was the most important thing in my life and music, music, music!’

A true pioneer in audio exploration and psycho-acoustics, Delia Derbyshire conceived one of the most familiar compositions in science fiction, the Doctor Who theme, while working in a BBC basement. Her soundscapes felt like they connected to another realm. Kicking off with the discovery of 267 tapes in an attic, along with a treasure trove of journals hidden in her childhood bedroom, this film tunes in to Derbyshire’s frequency; that of a life-long non-conformist, whose peals of laughter in an archive interview tickle with delight and eccentricity.

Featuring a rich archive, interviews, fictional embodiment and Cosey Fanni Tutti’s psycho-sonic channelling, director Caroline Catz traces acoustic pathways on her archeological dig into Derbyshire’s resonant life.

For the Melbourne premier on Friday, April 30th, we are extremely lucky to have a live, electronic performance from THE SOUNDS OF TOMORROW.

The Sounds of Tomorrow provide live original vintage electronic, progressive grooves with some Velvet Underground, BBC Radiophonic Workshop and more hauntology tracks thrown into the mix.

The band comprises of electronic pioneer, Nicole Skeltys (B(if)tek, Artificial, Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) Mark Gardiner (soundscape guitarist virtuoso/ cinema soundtrack composer) and Bill Garret, the British synth dude who they try to leave behind but he keeps finding them! – his influences are Don Letts, Gillian Gilbert, Bez and that woman from Propaganda that just shakes the tambourine.

Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes is presented in partnership with EMC and Groovescooter and proudly supported by Darebin City Council.


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