Angel Heart

Angel Heart is a stylish, arresting, and beautifully sculpted thriller. ” Fiction Machine

Forming part of our Four Pillars Summer Festival, Angel Heart sees Rourke play the private investigator Harry Angel. He’s approached by the mysterious Louis Cypher (Robert De Niro) to take on the job of finding a missing person, former crooner Johnny Favourite. It seems straightforward enough to Harry, so he takes the job, but once he starts to investigate his leads keep ending up dead (literally), marking him as a prime suspect.

As the case sends him from his home in New York all the way to New Orleans, he is plunged ever deeper into danger and starts to question his sanity once nightmarish visions begin to plague his mind. His only solace in the city is Epiphany Proudfoot (Lisa Bonet), a young voodoo priestess linked to the case who he takes a shine to.

An absolute classic form the late, great Alan Parker.
Pre-Film music from Mohair Slim (Blue Juice, PBS FM)
Playing steamy Louisiana blues and rhythm and blues music on rare original 45s vinyl and 78 shellac.

113 MINS

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