White Riot

An excellent documentary about a heroic grassroots political movement whose importance reveals itself more clearly in retrospect with every year that passes. ” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian 4/5 stars

Raw and energetic like the music that inspired the 1970s political movement, WHITE RIOT offers invaluable insight into how music can change the world — and how Rock Against Racism still resonates.

Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed in 1976, during a hostile environment of anti-immigrant hysteria and National Front marches. As neo-Nazis recruited the nation’s youth, RAR’s multicultural punk and reggae gigs provided rallying points for resistance.

The campaign grew from Hoxton fanzine roots to 1978’s huge concert in Victoria Park, featuring X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson and of course The Clash, whose rock star charisma and gale-force conviction took RAR’s message to the masses.


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