Suspiria (1977)

Suspiria is really quite funny, during those isolated interludes when nobody is bleeding. ” New York Times

TPH X Four Pillars Presents ‘BLOOD LUST: A BLOODY SHIRAZ GIN & FILM FESTIVAL. We’ve got the cocktails, the mind-bending gore-fest, a live dj set from RRR’s Annaliese Redlich – all we need is your soul, I mean you!
SUSPIRIA is a masterpiece which transcends cinema, extending into pure art. Argento’s expressionist hyper-assault on our senses is legendary with his groundbreaking excessive style staging jaw-dropping mind-frying on-screen violent gore, which is Argento’s own inimitable trademark, SUSPIRIA is situated between art-house aesthetics and splatter gore-fest!

The film stars Jessica Harper as an American student who uncovers a deadly coven of witches at her prestigious German Dance Academy. With its highly distinctive cinematography and an unnerving pounding score by Goblin, SUSPIRIA is an epic nightmare – as influential as it is terrifying – which it will stay with the viewer for ever.


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