Desperately Seeking Susan

TPH X FOUR PILLARS PRESENTS:: When a superstar is about to arrive on the scene, the whole world seems to know it and that was certainly the case in 1984 when director Susan Seidelman shot what was supposed to be a low-budget flick titled DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN.
In this classic 80s screwball comedy Roberta (Arquette) a deeply bored New Jersey housewife follows the exploits of Jim and Susan (Madonna) via a decidedly pre-internet means of communication – tabloid classified ads. After reading an ad begging Susan for a meeting at Battery Park, Roberta heads to New York to see the mystery woman in the flesh. When Roberta snags Susan’s signature jacket, she learns that Jim isn’t the only one desperately seeking Susan – the mob is hot on her tail.

104 MINS

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